Thursday, July 30, 2009

Homemade Formula

My Homemade Formula Milk

Providing my kids with formula milk is not a thing that i am happy with. Alhamdulillah my daughter is still a breastfed baby(fully breastfed baby) at 12 months old.While my son has been mixed feeding since the delivery of my daughter 12 months ago.

At the first stage of introducing breastmilk substitute to him, i opt for melilea soy, an option that i still regret until today.For lacking of knowledge, i thought that was the safest substitute for him.Until one day he develops so much phlegm and snores in sleep, his paeds convinced that parts of the side -effect from soy milk is formation of excessive mucus in the respiratory tract.I stopped giving him the soymilk immidiately after that!

Then my journey on FM begins.He screamed as if i beat him with cane everytime i supply him with FM, i have try so many brands, beginning with en*alac followed by ma*il, s*ow, and several more brands which i cannot even remember (coz its not a happy moment for me, thus i really hate to preserve it in my mind) but he rejected all. Until i finally found that he only can tolerate the taste of Du*ro…i bet he taste of FM must be terrible…i don’t really know how does it taste..

I supply him with Du*ro until the birth of my daughter, and then he continues taking my EBM

Only few months ago when i get an idea to make my own version of formula milk. It never took so long after the first time the idea came, i then provide my son with the very delicious and nutritious homemade formula milk.

Finally i can provide my son with substitute of breastmilk where i am almost in full-control with.

Why don’t you try it too?This recipe is suitable for baby 12 months old upwards.


4 oz of fresh milk (cow’s milk)



3 raw almond seeds

(almond is rich with manganese, vitamin E, magnesium, tryptophan, copper, riboflavin, and phosphorus plus many other good nutritional elements.Very good for heart and brain development, study has shown that previously in golden era of Islamic empire, the genius Islamic Scholars at that time used to take almonds regularly in their diet.)



7 raisins seeds

(also known for its benefit to brain development, rich in antioxidants and contains boron.)



1/4 teaspoon of pure honey

No doubt of this miracle food goodness. An Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal Substance. Very good for brain too. Produce natural sweetnes in this mixture, no need to any artificial sweetener nor sugar.



Couples of ice cubes or more.Its optional. I use it to prevent overheating effect on the mixture during processing in the food processor, which may destroy some nutrients in the food.

Put into


A food processor or blender

and blend until smooth.


Sieve the milk



The homemade formula milk is ready to serve.

Serve it on your toddler’s preference.My son doesn’t have any problem to drink the milk straight away. Should your toddler prefer it to be warm, simply


Preheat it just like we do on EBM

kids love

Now the delicious formula milk made by mommy is ready to serve. Your kids will love the creamy taste of the milk, and definitely the taste of mother’s love in every drop of the milk :)

This formula milk is also known as milk smoothies, the difference is only that this formula milk is not as thick as the smoothies.

I always prepare fresh formula milk on demand ;) . I never prepare it in abundant quantity and keep in refridgerator.Thus i cannot suggest whether it is safe to do so should other mommies what to cut the serving time, especially for working mommies.But i personally think that should we prepare it under a very clean and hygienic way, insyaALLAH the milk can last up to 24 hours in refridgerator. To prepare it is same method as preparing the EBM for toddler.

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